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Impacts of the morphology of new neighborhoods on microclimate and building energy...

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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
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In anticipation of emerging global urbanization, better understanding and quantification of climate effects on energy use in cities are needed, requiring coordinated research of microclimate impacts on and from the city structure. The methodology described here addresses this need by: quantifying and analyzing the relationships among climatic conditions, urban morphology, land cover and energy use; and using these relationships to inform energy-efficient urban development and planning. This research focuses on analysis of measured and modeled energy efficiency of various building types in selected urban areas and temporal variations in energy use for different morphologies under different microclimatic conditions. It addresses a major gap in the existing capability in neighborhood resolution modeling and simulation of the interaction of urban micrometeorological processes and regional climate; along with resulting building energy use under urbanization, and the identification of best strategies for urban morphological development for optimum building energy efficiency.