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Geospatial Science and Human Security

Advancing the emerging technologies behind national security

Here at ORNL, our researchers are crossing into new frontiers with emerging technologies as we pioneer the integration of our longtime expertise in human dynamics, remote sensing, geoinformatics engineering, and geographic data sciences with newly evolving capabilities in autonomous systems and resilient communications to support national security missions.  Our interdisciplinary research teams are transforming how we observe, analyze, and visualize landscape and human dynamics across the world through data and computing at unprecedented scale, shedding light, often in near real-time, on critical situations arising from geopolitical instabilities, natural disasters, resource scarcities, health crises, and other factors that impact human safety and national security.  We are creating new capabilities in critical mission applications in energy, the environment, and national security toward our vision of secure and healthy populations across a sustainable planet. 


Director, Geospatial Science and Human Security Division
Budhendra L Bhaduri