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Human Dynamics Section

Develops data, models, and computational approaches that utilize observation and measurement digital traces to provide insights into human activities and interactions with the environment from local to planetary scales.

  1. Built Environment Characterization — Creates critical infrastructure data sets to characterize built environments. Conducts risk and resiliency assessment and characterization. Utilizes open-source intelligence (OSINT) to illustrate landscape features and utilizations (land cover and land use).
  2. Human Geography — Fosters discovery of functional and complex connections between humans and their physical, cultural, and socioeconomic landscapes.   Develops novel understanding of trends and patterns in settlements, migration, and generation of future population scenarios with spatial demography as a core competency.
  3. Geoinformatics Engineering — Creates scalable computing solutions for design and development of geographic information systems with an emphasis on real-time and dynamic geocomputation, geodata integration, and software services.  Provides situational awareness of critical infrastructure for national security and performs geospatial research through advanced big data architectures, scalable computing, and data engineering.


Distinguished R&D Staff Member and Section Head, Human Dynamics R&D
Carter Christopher