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Leadership Team

Brief profiles of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Leadership Team members are linked to each member's name. For more information about ORNL management, please contact us at


Jeff Smith
Interim Laboratory Director

Jeff Smith is serving as interim director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He previously served 21 years as ORNL’s Deputy for Operations, retiring in April 2021. As deputy for operations, Mr. Smith led a $400 million modernization effort, which resulted in the most new construction at the Laboratory since the Manhattan Project. Under Mr. Smith’s leadership, UT-Battelle used partnerships with the State of Tennessee, private-sector financing, and innovative approaches to optimize federal resources to transform ORNL. In support of this transformation, Mr. Smith also serves as the president of UT-Battelle Development Corporation, a not-for-profit focused on the development of facilities to support the Lab’s mission.

Susan Hubbard
Deputy for Science and Technology

Susan Hubbard guides one of the nation’s most extensive portfolios of research and development, spanning computing and computational sciences, materials science, environmental and biological research, energy science and technology, isotope research and development, fission and fusion energy, neutron sciences, and national security sciences. In concert with the Deputy for Laboratory Operations, she supports the Laboratory Director in the planning, integration, and execution of Laboratory-level initiatives.

Balendra Sutharshan
Deputy for Operations

Deputy for Laboratory Operations Dr. Balendra Sutharshan coordinates overall operations and support functions at ORNL: facilities operations; environment, safety, and health; business operations; security; human resources; communications; and technology transfer. In concert with the Deputy Director of Science and Technology, Sutharshan supports the Laboratory Director in the planning, integration, and execution of Laboratory-level initiatives as ORNL’s chief operating officer.

Lindsey Twardy
Chief of Staff

Lindsey Twardy is Chief of Staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In this role, she serves as an advisor to the Laboratory Director and helps to integrate leadership across ORNL to advance the Lab’s vision, fulfill mission objectives, and ensure operational effectiveness.

Ken Andersen
Associate Laboratory Director, Neutron Sciences

Ken Andersen brings extensive experience to the neutron scattering research and user programs at ORNL. He joined ORNL from the European Spallation Source in Sweden, where he led the Neutron Instruments Division and oversaw the selection and construction of instruments from conceptual development through design, procurement, installation and commissioning. 

Ivan Boatner
Interim General Counsel

Ivan Boatner is the lab’s interim general counsel. He has over 25 years of legal experience in the Department of Energy (DOE) and government contracting sector. His goal is to provide prompt, proactive, and practical advice to ensure UT-Battelle can effectively achieve its business objectives while mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and contracts.

J. Scott Branham
Director, Business Services

As Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Branham leads the Laboratory's Business Services Directorate, with responsibility for directing the ORNL budgeting process and business management functions and delivering relevant and reliable financial analysis and reporting. The directorate's functions include procurement, accounting, business analysis, business systems, pension and savings operations, small business contracting, and prime contract administration. Mr. Branham also serves as Chief Financial Officer for UT-Battelle, LLC.

Jeremy Busby
Associate Laboratory Director, Isotope Science and Engineering

Dr. Busby is the Associate Laboratory Director for the Isotope Science and Engineering Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His technical contributions range from light water reactors to sodium reactors and space reactor systems as well as research in support of the ITER project.

Cynthia Jenks
Associate Laboratory Director,
Physical Sciences

Cynthia Jenks stewards ORNL's broad physical sciences portfolio, with particular emphases on quantum materials; structural materials and alloys; soft materials; nanoscience; and applications of materials and chemistry in energy and security.

David Keim
Director, Communications

David Keim leads the Communications Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His responsibilities include media and community relations, internal communications, protocol visits and lab events, and he led the multi-site design team for the new American Museum of Science and Energy. His staff provides strategic support for Lab leadership and ensures the quality of science writing, technical editing, design, photography, and videography across ORNL’s diverse research portfolio.

Moe Khaleel
Associate Laboratory Director, National Security Sciences

Dr. Moe Khaleel guides the research and development of science-based solutions to counter critical threats to public safety, national defense, energy infrastructure and the economy. Leveraging the broad science foundation at ORNL, he oversees the work of multi-disciplinary research teams with signature capabilities in nuclear and uranium science, high-performance computing, geographic information science, cyber security science and advanced manufacturing.

Douglas B. Kothe
Associate Laboratory Director, 
Computing and Computational Sciences

Director, Exascale Computing Project

Douglas B. Kothe has more than three decades' experience conducting and leading applied R&D in computational applications to simulate complex physical phenomena in energy, defense, and manufacturing. Previously ORNL's Deputy Associate Laboratory Director for Computing and Computational Sciences, 

Paul Langan
Associate Laboratory Director,
Biological and Environmental Systems Science

As ORNL’s Associate Laboratory Director for Biological and Environmental Systems Science, Paul Langan stewards a research portfolio targeting the convergence of biology, ecology, engineering, data discovery, physical sciences, and computing to advance U.S. competitiveness in the global bioeconomy and Earth system sustainability.

David J. Mandl
Interim Director, Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality

David Mandl is the interim director of Environment, Safety, Health and Quality (ESH&Q) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In this position, he oversees an organization that broadly supports ORNL through expertise in engineering management, environmental protection, health services, nuclear and radiological protection, performance analysis, safety, technical training, and waste management. Prior to joining ORNL as the ESH&Q attorney in 2009, he spent 10 years in private practice at two global law firms representing commercial clients in environmental, health, and safety matters.

Kathryn McCarthy
Director, US ITER Project

Kathy McCarthy joined ORNL after serving as vice president for science and technology and director of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. She also held leadership roles at Idaho National Laboratory as director of domestic programs in INL’s Nuclear Science and Technology Directorate, director of the Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program Technical Integration Office, and national technical director for the Systems Analysis Campaign for DOE Nuclear Energy’s Fuel Cycle R&D Program.

Graeme Murdoch
Director, Second Target Station Project 

Graeme Murdoch is the project director for the Second Target Station. He has over 35 years of progressive experience working in technical and management capacities in a particle accelerator and fusion engineering environment. 

Tyler Owens
Federal Affairs Director

Tyler Owens is federal affairs director at ORNL. In this role, he serves as ORNL’s senior representative and chief liaison to government officials, industry, think tanks, and university representatives in Washington, D.C. He provides guidance to the laboratory director to develop and execute strategies that best position ORNL in the evolving federal policy environment. He is also responsible for presenting ORNL’s priorities to Congress, the administration, and federal agencies.

Fred Pieper
Chief Audit Executive and 
Director, Internal Audit

Fred Pieper, who has served as a chief audit executive for 14 years, leads the Internal Audit Directorate, which is responsible for all audit activities and the Employee Concerns Program at ORNL. The organization provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services to improve the effectiveness of risk management, internal control, and governance processes through evaluations of ORNL management systems, processes, and programs.

Rick Raines
Interim Associate Laboratory Director, 
Energy Science and Technology

As ORNL’s Interim Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for the Energy Science and Technology Directorate, Rick Raines leads a $305 million research portfolio focused on translating science into solutions for the most critical problems facing society at the nexus of energy and security.

Jimmy Stone
Director, Facilities and Operations

Jimmy Stone manages seven divisions that provide critical laboratory support services. These include facility operations, laboratory protection (security, fire protection, emergency preparedness, and emergency management), engineering and construction management, materials fabrication, site services, logistical functions, and craft services. In addition, the Facilities and Operations Directorate includes facilities strategic planning and natural resources functions.

Kris Torgerson
Director, Information Technology Services

Kris Torgerson joined Oak Ridge National Lab in February of 2017 as Deputy Chief Information Officer and subsequently became Director of ITSD in October of 2017.  He was promoted to Chief Information Officer in September of 2018.  In this position, he is responsible for all commodity technology delivery as well as strategy, cyber security, and supports privacy program delivery for the Laboratory.

Mickey Wade
Associate Laboratory Director,
Fusion and Fission Energy and Science Directorate

Mickey Wade was named Associate Laboratory Director for the Fusion and Fission Energy and Science Directorate in April 2023. Before that, he served as Division Director for Fusion Energy for three years. Wade recently served as deputy director of the Magnetic Fusion Energy Division for General Atomics and has extensive experience in fusion energy research, programmatic development, and strategic planning.

Jody Zahn
Director, Human Resources

Human Resources Director Jody Zahn oversees ORNL’s efforts to recruit and retain premier talent who bring together diverse ideas, cultures, and educational backgrounds to achieve the Laboratory’s mission. In addition to talent strategy and talent development, Zahn’s responsibilities span HR operations, labor relations, talent engagement and mobility, and total rewards.