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Leadership Team

In the chart below, brief profiles of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Leadership Team members are linked to each member's name. For more information about ORNL management, please contact us at


Team Members




Thomas Zacharia
Laboratory Director 865.576.2900 865.241.2967 
Jeff Smith
Deputy for Operations 865.574.4322  865.241.2967 
Michelle Buchanan
Deputy for Science and Technology 865.574.1144  865.574.0323 
Moe Khaleel
Deputy for Projects
865.574.1337 865.574.9869
J. Scott Branham
Business Services 865.241.7614  865.241.7595 
Phil Britt
Physical Sciences 865.576.1219  
Deborah Frincke
National Security Sciences 865.576.0154 865.574.8814
John Haines
Second Target Station Project Director 865.341.0485  
Alan S. Icenhour
Isotope Science and Engineering 865.576.5315 865.241.7603
David Keim
Communications 865.576.9122  865.574.0595 
Douglas B. Kothe
Exascale Computing Project 865.241.9392  
Paul Langan
Neutron Sciences 865.241.1499 865.576.2041
C. Gail Lewis
Internal Audit 865.574.3737  865.241.1092 
David J. Mandl
Legal 865.241.9215 865.241.4456
Kathryn McCarthy
Fusion and Fission Energy and Science 865.574.6108  
Jeffrey Allen Nichols
Computing and Computational Sciences 865.574.6224  865.574.4839 
John Powell
Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality 865.241.1550  865.576.4891 
Mardell Sours
Human Resources 865.574.4189  865.241.2977 
Jimmy Stone
Facilities and Operations 865.574.6911 

Xin Sun (interim)
Energy Science and Technology 865.576.3711 865.574.7671

Stan Wullschleger (interim)
Biological and Environmental Systems Science 865-574-7839