ORNL Fact Sheets

Fact sheets

Fact sheets on ORNL research and development

  • Laboratory Overview - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) provides exceptional researchers with distinctive equipment and unique facilities to solve some of the nation's most compelling challenges.  
  • Advanced Manufacturing - A thriving manufacturing sector is vital to the nation's economic health and global security, yet few companies possess the R&D capacity that's essential to staying competitive.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Oak Ridge National Laboratory uniquely has the expertise and facilities to advance the state of the art in AI and to apply AI to DOE’s most pressing scientific challenges.
  • Bioderived Materials - The aim of ORNL’s bioderived materials research is to develop methods and technologies that enable greater and higher value use of biomass to sustainably produce a wide range of high-performance products.
  • Buildings - ORNL’s building technologies research focuses on reducing energy use and increasing grid resilience.

  • Center for Nanophase Material Sciences - In the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, researchers make big discoveries about small materials.

  • Energy and Environmental Sciences - ORNL’s energy and environmental research plays a pivotal role in America’s clean, efficient energy future.

  • Fossil - ORNL has a rich history of scientific research supporting the nation’s exploration, production, and use of abundant, domestic fossil energy.

  • Grid Security - Americans' quality of life, economic vitality, health, safety, and security all depend on the uninterrupted delivery of electricity to our homes, businesses, and public spaces. 

  • National Security - ORNL is a global leader in science-based solutions for complex security threats that put public safety, national defense, and the economy at risk. 

  • Neutron Science - Breakthroughs in medicine, energy, technology, and industry follow advances in the understanding of materials. ORNL is at the US epicenter for one of the most powerful techniques for exploring the nature of materials— neutron scattering.

  • Nuclear Reactors - ORNL pioneered nuclear energy and is well positioned to usher in the next era of nuclear innovation.

  • Nuclear Science and Technology - Since building the first continuously operating nuclear reactor and ushering in the nuclear age, ORNL has pioneered world-changing technologies and applications enabled by harnessing the atom. 

  • Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility - Researchers from around the world use the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility to solve problems so challenging they require the world's most powerful computers. OLCF's high-performance computing systems.

  • Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility: Summit - In 2018, OLCF will launch Summit, the next leap in leadership-class computing systems for open science.

  • Transportation - ORNL is accelerating the pace of research and development for efficient, safe, secure, and environmentally friendly transportation.

Fact sheets on Oak Ridge National Laboratory partnerships and collaborations

  • Center for Bioenergy Innovation - The Center for Bioenergy Innovation at ORNL is custom engineering feedstock plants and microbes for a sustainable bioeconomy.

  • Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors - Our vision is to improve the operation and safety of the existing nuclear fleet to ensure efficient commercial nuclear power generation into the future.

  • Exascale Computing Project - High-performance computing (HPC) systems have become critical tools for research in diverse scientific fields and leadership in areas such as national security, manufacturing, and healthcare.

  • Industry Partnerships - ORNL actively seeks and develops industry and technology-transfer partnerships that increase the Lab’s economic impact, accelerate the deployment of ORNL-developed technologies, and strengthen innovation ecosystems regionally and nationally.

  • Innovation Crossroads leverages ORNL’s unique scientific resources and capabilities and connects the nation’s top innovators with experts, mentors, and networks in technology-related fields to take world-changing ideas from research and development to the marketplace.

  • ITER Project for Fusion Energy - Building a sun on earth has the potential to lead to a global paradigm shift for abundant clean energy.

  • MVP-CHAMPION: Partnership for Veterans - The Department of Veterans Affairs is partnering with the ORNL to revolutionize the health care of veterans through advanced data analytics and high-performance computing.