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Geographic Data Science Section

Man in black shirt stands in front of computer screens with maps


Develops novel mathematical and computer science capabilities for curating, fusing, analyzing, and visualizing data sets, artificial intelligence, uncertainty quantification, data validation, privacy preservation, and anonymization techniques. Develops data bias assessment, uncertainty quantification, assurance, and privacy preservation techniques.
A man's reflection over the servers of Summit supercomputer

Remote Sensing

Develops algorithms for multimodal sensors and platforms, sensor characterization and modeling, spatial and spectral exploitation using photogrammetry, image science, and computational science approaches.
Man adjusts electronics in a rack

Resilient Communications

Develops strategies for resilient, integrated communications for edge devices.
Man launches a drone

Autonomous Systems

Develops remotely operated, autonomous ground and air systems by combining expertise in embedded systems, sensors, software, aviation systems, and mechanical engineering.
Collage image with earth, drone, and satellites



Photo of Dave Page

Dave Page, Section Head for Geographic Data Science