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Remote Sensing

Increasingly myriad spaceborne, airborne, and land-based remote sensors collect information used to characterize human populations, built environments, and natural resources. Data from remote-sensing technology is critical to national security, emergency management, natural resource studies, and hazardous waste analysis. Now, with significant advancements in emerging technologies, remotely sensed data is available at higher spatial, temporal, and spectral resolutions than ever before.  

As a global leader in high-performance computing and geographic information science, Oak Ridge National Laboratory is at the forefront of research and development in data modeling, analysis, and visualization. As part of the integrated National Security Emerging Technologies Division, our team provides the expertise to develop algorithms that work across multimodal sensors and platforms to achieve new capabilities that advance the field of remote sensing:

  • High-performance computing for remote sensing
  • Sensor characterization and modeling¬†
  • Spectral and spatial exploitation


Remote sensing image scientist
David Hughes