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The GeoAI Group develops novel mathematical and computer-science methods for curating, fusing, analyzing, and visualizing geospatial data sets. The group’s core focus areas include representation learning, machine learning for high-performance computing, computer vision, trust, safety and security of machine learning techniques, spatiotemporal analytics, and multimodal data fusion and analytics.

The GeoAI team has multidisciplinary expertise across such fields as software development, mathematics and optimization for machine learning, Bayesian statistics, machine learning, spatiotemporal analytics, high-performance computing, ontology reasoning, risk analysis, machine learning for edge computing, privacy preservation techniques, uncertainty quantification, natural-language processing, remote sensing, geographic information science, database development, and visual analytics.

Our work products have downstream implications for several national security missions, including infrastructure mapping for damage assessment, change detection and monitoring, understanding of socioeconomic conditions, geomatics, maritime safety, and population dynamics.

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