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Trillion Pixel Challenge

On June 21-22, 2023, we're hosting our 3rd Trillion Pixel Challenge. Join us for an interdisciplinary gathering of experts from image science, computer vision, high-performance computing, architecture, machine learning, advanced workflows, and end-user communities to discuss the way forward in scaling multimodal GeoAI.

Exploring complex geospatial analytic workflows

Aerial view of hurricane damage, with computer-generated utility pole detection.

Spatio-temporal Analytics for Global Data

Integrating global datasets and applying advanced analytics to identify trends, patterns, anomalies, and changes in national landscapes.
A color-coded map of socioeconomic neighborhood types

Settlement Characterization

Exploiting overhead imagery to develop scalable ways to characterize socioeconomic neighborhoods for economic stimulus, unstructured settlement mapping, population distribution studies, and more.
Map showing automated feature extraction

Automated Feature Extraction

Employing machine learning, computer vision, and high-performance computing to automate the creation of foundational data layers for building footprints, road networks, solar panels, and more at scale.
World map showing color-coded population density

Population Dynamics

Applying Bayesian learning approaches to estimate building occupancy at varying times of day and night across a variety of sociocultural environments, improving urban planning, emergency management, and disaster response.
gravity map

Gravity Mapping

Adapting AI techniques to produce high-resolution gravity maps on a global scale to support navigation systems, early detection of potential earthquakes, and measurement of changes in water patterns

Keeping people safe

Portrait of a man


Dalton Lunga, GeoAI Group Leader and Sr. Research Scientist