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About -- Buildings and Transportation Science

Accelerating the development of transformative building and transportation technologies

The Buildings and Transportation Science Division delivers scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs to accelerate transformative building- and transportation-related technical solutions to ensure a safe, secure, and sustainable energy future. The division has three primary focus areas: propulsion science, vehicle and mobility systems research and building technologies research.

Researchers develop technologies to accelerating the development of combustion, electric, and hybridized propulsion systems to enable an efficient, clean, and low carbon transportation future. Vehicle and mobility research includes accelerating the development of advanced vehicles and complex mobility systems through advances in connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, communications, systems integration, and decision science. Building technologies research focuses on accelerating the development and integration of innovative advanced building equipment and novel dynamic envelope materials and systems to enable affordable, efficient, and resilient buildings

The Building and Transportation Science Division utilizes the resources of the Department of Energy’s National Transportation Research Center (NTRC) and the Building Technologies Research and Integration Center (BTRIC). The NTRC is the nation’s only designated user facility focused on performing early-stage research and development in transportation technologies. BTRIC is the only designated user facility dedicated to performing early-stage research and development in building technologies.