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Building Envelope Materials Research

Evaluating new building envelope materials and assemblies for comfort and energy efficiency

The Building Envelope and Materials Research Group has been using scientific expertise in heat, air, and moisture transport to develop and evaluate new building envelope materials and assemblies that reduce energy use, enhance occupant comfort, are moisture durable, and/or provide grid services. The group collaborates with ORNL researchers that specialize in material science, polymeric chemistry, advanced manufacturing, imaging and machine learning, advanced composites, sensors and controls, and roll-to-roll manufacturing among others. These collaborations also include industry partners for the commercialization of developed technologies.

Research focus areas include high R insulation materials and self-healing materials, advanced building construction, thermal energy storage, active insulation materials and systems, envelope retrofits, moisture durability, grid services, highly insulated windows and controls for shading systems.


Group Leader for Building Envelope Materials Research and Subprogram Manager for Building Envelopes
Diana E. Hun