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NTRC Landing Page

National Transportation Research Center

Located a few miles down the road from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the National Transportation Research Center houses several highly-sophisticated, experimental ORNL research laboratories that constitute the Department of Energy's (DOE) National Transportation Research Center User Facility (NTRC).

As a User Facility, NTRC offers industry, academia, and other agencies the opportunity to access state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and instrumentation, and computational resources to advance transportation technologies. These resources are critical to their efforts in the areas of improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and addressing transportation systems issues, such as traffic congestion, evacuation planning and highway safety.

In addition to serving users, ORNL conducts approximately one-half of all its transportation research at NTRC. The nearly 200 ORNL employees based at NTRC work closely with government agencies, industry and universities through non-user facility partnerships including public-domain work for federal agencies, DOE-funded partnerships with industry, and proprietary contracts conducted on behalf of automotive companies and suppliers, large and small. Approximately 50 employees from The University of Tennessee Center for Transportation Research work at NTRC where they operate several transportation laboratories and occasionally collaborate with ORNL.

Facility Resources

ORNL staff based at NTRC offer an unusually broad set of technical expertise to bear on the research problems users address. Included on the facility’s roster are staff members from a range of engineering and physical science disciplines, urban planners, statisticians, mathematicians, geographers, and specialists from a dozen other fields of endeavor.  They represent several principal ORNL research centers and groups for advancing transportation systems.