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Vehicle and Mobility Systems Research


Developing solutions for advanced clean vehicles and complex mobility systems


The Vehicle and Mobility Systems Research Section is leading research in analysis, simulations and experimental prototyping and demonstrations, at both the vehicle and traffic system levels, to accelerate the development of advanced transportation technologies for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) and electric vehicles. The section consists of four groups focusing on vehicle components, virtual and physical vehicle systems, and full traffic networks.

The Transportation Analytics & Decision Sciences Group seeks to find sustainable multi-modal (air, land, water, pipelines) solutions to passenger and freight transportation challenges within the broad context of environmental, social, and economic goals.

The Mobility and Energy Transitions Analysis Group leads research on how new technologies related to transportation affect the broader social, economic, infrastructure, and technological systems. 

The Vehicle Systems Research Group conducts virtual and advanced hardware-in-the-loop research to accelerate the development of transportation technologies from component-level to full traffic network including electrification and connected and automated vehicles. 

The Vehicle Power Electronics Research Group provides science and technology innovations in power electronic converters for use with vehicular applications including land, sea, undersea, rail, aerial, and space vehicles; including the medium and heavy-duty and off road vehicles.