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Computational Urban Sciences

The Computational Urban Sciences Group creates data-driven understanding of complex urban systems at all scales and leads in the development of related data analytics.

CUSG to Participate in Smart Cities Week Workshop

As part of the Smart Cities Week workshop, organized by the Smart Cities Council, members of the Computational Urban Sciences Group will be participating in a session titled "Chattanooga – The Smart City – How a National Laboratory and a City Heralded a Digital Transformation."

This session brings together City stakeholders, ORNL scientists, CIUP researchers, and Siemens Mobility, to present four short vignettes of the transformative work done for the electric grid, transportation/mobility, building energy efficiency, and cybersecurity. These will be followed by a moderated panel on how these efforts have come together with engagement from a multitude of city, state, and federal agencies – forming a “coalition of the willing” fueled by a deep desire of excellence for their citizens.

To find out more about this session, please click [HERE].