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Energy Systems Integration & Controls

Advancing a secure and resilient power grid with innovative systems integration and controls

The Energy Systems Integration & Controls Section advances energy systems integration and controls to improve the efficiency and resiliency of systems-of-systems architectures. The section’s research is focused in five groups.

The Power Systems Resilience Group conducts transformational research and development for energy security and resilience through advancement of modeling, simulation, and real-time monitoring of the electric grid.

The Grid Components and Controls Group designs, develops, and implements advanced control systems (e.g. microgrids, protection and controls) and integration of novel energy system components.

The Power Electronics Systems Integration Group designs, develops and deploys power electronics for grid-connected systems through packaging, magnetics, hardware prototyping, system architecture and integration (e.g. power electronics-based substation), and real-time power electronics systems simulation.

The Grid Communications and Security Group conducts research, development, testing and evaluation of modern communication devices and systems for energy applications.

The Grid-interactive Control Group designs, develops, and deploys advanced control algorithms and methods for building energy efficiency and grid connectivity.


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