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Grid Systems Hardware

The Grid Systems Hardware group focuses on the design and development of power electronics hardware and test configurations for grid-connected systems. In addition to manufacturing components and subsystems, the group introduces power electronics hardware and controls for efficient integration of renewable energy resources, development of microgrids, circular economy for EV batteries, efficient power distribution, and modernized grid infrastructure. This work encompasses semiconductor packaging for power modules; magnetics development; inverter/converter design, construction, and controls; and integrated test configurations for power interconnectivity and operation.

The group contributes to the larger power ecosystem through accelerated testing of overhead power cables as well as electric vehicle battery recycling and upcycling for secondary-use energy storage applications.

To achieve this mission, this group operates several specialty lab spaces at ORNL focused on the following areas:

  • Advanced Component Development Lab – Semiconductor Packaging, Magnetics, Sensors, and Integration
  • Subsystem Manufacturing Lab – Manufacturing inverter/converter subsystems on a demonstration scale
  • Powerline Conductor Accelerated Testing (PCAT) Lab – Accelerated testing of overhead power conductors
  • Distributed Energy Communications and Controls (DECC) Lab – Power electronics test bed with physical sources and loads
  • De-Manufacturing Lab – Automated disassembly for EV batteries for recycling, upcycling, and reuse


Grid Systems Hardware Group Leader (Acting)
Brian Rowden