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3D Printed eutectic aluminum alloy has facility for site-specific properties

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Additive Manufacturing
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103551 to 103551

Additive manufacturing (AM) has the ability to print structures with site-specific properties. Existing AM approaches for site-specific properties are, however, based on complex processing-microstructure relationships in conventional alloys that were not designed for this purpose. Here, we report a straightforward approach for achieving site-specific properties that takes advantage of eutectic solidification characteristics. We demonstrate that the yield strength of a eutectic Al-Cu-Ce-Zr alloy can be tuned by varying the laser scan speed in concert with hatch spacing in laser powder bed fusion AM. A faster speed increases solidification rate resulting in finer eutectic spacing and higher strength. The hatch spacing is reduced at faster speeds to ensure overlap between melt pools which become smaller with increasing scan speed. The yield strength and its anisotropy relative to build direction are further tunable with a heat treatment. The scan speed-eutectic spacing-strength relationship is successfully applied to print a complex pattern of site-specific hardness in the alloy. The generalized principle of using AM for a eutectic alloy to create site-specific properties and anisotropy in properties is demonstrated.