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Microstructural Evolution Modeling

  • Bridging the gap between basic science and applied research for industrial applications:
    • Address the current needs of applied programs in understanding the atomic-level properties of basic research.
    • Develop multiscale approaches that seamlessly connect the nanoscale to macroscale.
    • Quantum applications, such as materials with multifunctional quantum properties
    • Electronic and magnetic materials for applied programs
  • Computational and theoretical design of functional/structural materials:
    • Structural materials and materials under extreme conditions for applied programs
    • Scalable microstructure simulation for additive manufacturing (ExaCA, OpenN-AM) and solidification processes
    • Nuclear materials
    • High-throughput approaches for ML/AI with predictable theory approaches
    • Multi-scale (time and spatial scales) approaches


Senior R&D Staff & Group Leader, Microstructural Evolution Modeling Group
Mina Yoon