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Thomas R Watkins

Group Leader, Neutron and X-Ray Scattering

Scope of Research:

  • Understanding residual stresses in ceramics, coatings and metals.
  • Applications of grazing incidence x-ray diffraction.
  • Measurement of residual stresses at high temperatures using x-ray diffraction.
  • Understanding the relationship between the macroscopic and crystallographic responses of materials under mechanical load.

Broad Fields of Endeavor:

  • X-ray diffraction, residual stress and mechanical properties of materials.


  • Ph.D. (Ceramic Science) from The Pennsylvania State University, 1992
  • MS (Ceramic Science) from The Pennsylvania State University, 1988
  • BS (Ceramic Engineering) from Alfred University, 1985

Education Discipline:

  • Ceramic Science

Professional Societies:

  • American Ceramic Society
  • International Centre for Diffraction Data
  • TMS