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Foundational Materials Science

Understands, controls, and characterizes heterogeneities across length scales and their impact on structure and properties.

This section encompasses the following research groups:

Correlated Electron Materials Group — Performs research to understand and control bulk crystalline systems whose behavior derives from strong correlation effects of electrons and the resulting in superconducting, semi-conducting, magnetic, and thermoelectric properties.

Neutron and X-ray Scattering and Thermophysics Group — Develops and applies unique diffraction and thermophysical property measurement methods to characterize phase stability, residual stress, texture, thermal transport and thermal imaging of complex materials.

Quantum Heterostructures Group — Designs and synthesizes new functional oxides, topological quantum materials, artificial crystals, epitaxial thin films, and heterostructures by pulsed- laser deposition and molecular beam epitaxy.


Distinguished R&D Staff and Section Head of Foundational Materials Science
Jason Gardner