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Materials Structure and Processing Science

Understands, develops and applies advanced processing techniques to obtain desired materials structures and properties across length scales. 

This section encompasses the following research groups:

Alloy Behavior and Design Group — Develops fundamental understanding of how to design and synthesize structural and functional alloys (e.g. HEA) for extreme environments based on advanced microstructural characterization, and modelling and design techniques.

Materials for Advanced Manufacturing Group — Designs, fabricates and characterizes the next generation of materials for use in advanced manufacturing.

Materials Joining Group — Advances materials joining science through development of new joining technologies by understanding weld microstructure evolution, properties and performance.

Materials Processing Group — Designs and develops next generation advanced processing techniques for development of hybrid and refractory materials for application in extreme environments by understanding processing pathways and thermodynamic/kinetics (e.g., CVD, CVI, densification).



Section Head, Materials Structures and Processing Science
Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Jay Tiley