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Materials Joining


We connect the science & technology together to provide materials joining solutions to a wide range of industry sectors


 At the forefront of advancing the science and technology of materials in support of various basic and applied programs of national and international significance. 

R&D Scope

Material joining is an extremely complex multi-disciplinary field that combines a wide range of basic and engineering sciences such as physics, materials science, thermodynamics, high-temperature chemistry, transport phenomena, mathematical modeling, computer science and a variety of engineering fields including mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering.  We have a multi-disciplinary R&D team that has the broad range of capabilities and expertise to develop materials joining innovations and solutions. Our research covers the following arears

  • Fundamentals of “welding effects” on materials (non-equilibrium and extreme conditions)
  • Dissimilar material joining
  • Autonomous welding vs deep machine learning and adoptive control
  • Computational weld materials science and mechanics (aka ICWE)
  • Friction stir welding, processing, and additive manufacturing
  • Joining of novel materials for alternative energy
  • Materials synthesis under extreme environments
  • Joining needs in nation’s infrastructure upgrade and new constructions (transportation, nuclear, fossil energy)

Core Competencies

  • Signature modeling capability for process and performance of welded structures
    • DR-WELD High Performance Computational Code
    • Integrated Computational Welding Engineering Modeling Tool
  • State of the art welding equipment for welding dissimilar and high temperature materials
  • Advanced characterization and highly specialized experiment capabilities to investigate highly non-uniform microstructure and associated complex structural and functional performance of welded structures
  • Welding fabrication for special devices

Key Programs

  • DOE EERE Vehicle Technology 
  • DOE EERE Hydrogen Technology 
  • DOE Nuclear Energy 
  • DOE Fuel Energy and Carbon Management
  • NASA
  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • Extensive industry supported R&D programs.


Distinguished R&D Staff and Group Leader, Materials Joining
Zhili Feng