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Metals and Composites Processing Group

The Metals and Composites Processing Group seeks to understand, develop, and apply processing techniques to obtain desired metal and composite structures and properties for use in harsh environments.  

Core mission

Develop advanced processing techniques for metal and composite use in challenging applications by understanding pathway, thermodynamic, and kinetic connections with material behavior.


  • Melt (arc, vacuum arc remelt, electron beam, air induction), cast, mechanical processing (extrude, roll, draw, forge, press), heat treat, sinter, cleaning (detergent, acid, KCN)
  • Powder metallurgy (PM) of high temperature alloys and composites
  • Mechanical testing and analysis

Key facilities

4508 – High Bay mechanical processing

4508 – High temperature PM labs

4508 – Mechanical testing lab


Group Leader, Metals and Composite Processing
Glenn R Romanoski