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Write and Submit a Proposal

Proposal Development

The CNMS website provides detailed descriptions of specific research capabilities that are offered to users. Prospective users are invited and strongly encouraged to contact CNMS staff members in the respective research areas to discuss their proposal ideas and learn more about the specific capabilities of interest to them.

Each user proposal must describe clearly and specifically which part of the work is to be done using CNMS facilities: What CNMS tools and expertise will be needed to carry out which steps and on what timeline? Each user proposal must also clearly define the expected outcomes from the CNMS component: What are the targets or milestones that the CNMS contribution must meet in order for the overall research project to succeed? Please keep in mind that you are proposing a specific user project; describe the overall research program only so far as is necessary to establish the context and impact of the user proposal.

Priority must be given to proposals that lie within current CNMS Capabilities. Proposals that require capabilities from more than one area are encouraged, as are requests for theory/modeling/simulation support for experimental projects.

The CNMS provides access to resources, but does not provide direct research funding to users.

Access to CNMS facilities will be determined through a peer-reviewed proposal process. Each proposal will receive a rapid, initial screening for feasibility, safety and completeness by one or more CNMS research staff members. Proposals that are not feasible using the current capabilities at CNMS will be returned to the PI without further review. Selected members of the Proposal Review Committee (PRC) having expertise in the appropriate research areas will then evaluate each proposal according to the Review Criteria. CNMS management will allocate facility time to approved proposals considering the prioritization established by the PRC review results and the availability of resources.

To Submit A Proposal:  

  1. Proposals are submitted by using the online CNMS User Proposal System (CUPS).
  2. Review the descriptions of CNMS capabilities using this web site.
  3. Contact appropriate ORNL staff members listed in the relevant research area descriptions if you would like to discuss your intention to submit a proposal and clarify compatibility with available facilities (not required).
  4. User proposals must not contain any proprietary or sensitive information and PIs should be aware of the “Notice Regarding Public Dissemination of User Project Information” posted on this website.
  5. Submission of a proposal asserts an intention to publish the results in the open literature and constitutes an agreement to acknowledge the CNMS any such publications. Prescribed text for the acknowledgment may be found here.