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Nanomaterials Synthesis

Develops innovative methods to precisely synthesize, process, and characterize functional macromolecules, nanomaterials, and nanostructures to understand structure, property, and function in support of the user program and theme science.

This section encompasses the following research groups:

Functional Hybrid NanomaterialsConducts controlled synthesis of functional nanostructures and thin films by CVD and PLD using real-time diagnostics, e.g., 2D layered materials, hybrid organic/inorganic films, carbon nanostructures, oxide thin films, and heterostructures.

Macromolecular NanomaterialsPerforms precise synthesis of functional polymers with special emphasis on selective deuteration, small molecule synthesis, and ionic polymerization, as well as macromolecular characterization.

Nanofabrication Research LaboratoryDevelops methods to fabricate nanostructures using best-in-class lithographic, etching, thin-film deposition, and characterization tools.



Distinguished Research Staff Scientist
Scott T. Retterer