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Nanofabrication Research Laboratory

Nanofabrication Research Laboratory

Develops methods to fabricate nanostructures using best-in-class lithographic, etching, thin-film deposition, and characterization tools as well as bio–compatible synthesis capabilities.

NRL Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials

  • DC-PECVD synthesis of VACNFs (vertically aligned carbon nanofibers) or CNSs (carbon nanospikes)

  • Confocal Microscopy

    • Carl Zeiss 710: Environmentally controlled stage for live cell multi–channel imaging
    • Carl Zeiss Elyra Superresolution with structured illumination microscopy (SR-SIM) and photo-activated localization microscopy (PAL-M)
    • Leica TCS SP2 MP scanning laser confocal microscope for multiphoton (rgb) excitation and ultraviolet compatible
  • Epifluorescent Microscopy

    • Carl Zeiss Axioskop 2 FS with epifluorescent top illumination and Nomarski phase contrast optics (bottom).  CCD imaging + optional patch clamp and ceramic objectives for electrophysiology measurements
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy with Fluorescence Imaging System

    • Molecular Imaging PicoPlus.  Closed loop multipurpose scanners (10 µm & 100 µm) for positioning registration/lithography.  Liquid cells, flow cells and temperature control capabilities are also available. Simultaneous topography and chemical recognition is possible.