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CNMS Staff

Division Office

Division Director
Division Administrative Assistant
User Program Director
User Program Coordinator


Data and Analytics Coordinator
Postdoctoral Coordinator


Operations Manager
Operations Support
Finance Officer

Section Heads

Nanomaterials Characterization Section
Nanomaterials Synthesis/Nanofabrication Section
Theory & Computation Section

Theme Leaders

Multiscale Dynamics
Heterogeneities in Quantum Materials
Harnessing Complex Macromolecular Confirmations

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Group

Group Leader, Nion UltraSTEM, NION Hermes
Hitachi FIB, SEM, STEM, Ion Mill, Nano Mill, Gatan Ion Mill, Allied Multiprep
Nion US200, TF Krios G4, STEM, Energy Materials, Data Analysis, Cryo-EM
JEOL NeoARM, Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy


Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, E-beam Based Atomic Fabrications
Nion and Titan (S)TEM, in-situ Biasing, Data Analysis
Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy


Magnetic Imaging, TEM, STEM, STEM-holography
Group Administrative Assistant

Materials MicroAnalysis Group

Group Leader, in situ/operando (S)TEM, Analytical (S)TEM, Data Analysis
Analytical (S)TEM, in situ (S)TEM, Automated Experimental and Electron Beam Fabrication Workflows
Atom Probe Tomography and FIB Specimen Preparation
Analytical (S)TEM, Tomography, High-throughput Automation


Atom Probe Tomography Research
SEM, (S)TEM, Ultramicrotomy, Specimen Preparation
Analytical (S)TEM, in situ (S)TEM, Crystallography, Laser (S)TEM
CryoEM, 3D Reconstruction, HPC, Cryo Sample Preparation


Analytical (S)TEM, Identical Location Electrochemistry, High-throughput Data Analysis
Cryo-PFIB, Cryo-(S)TEM, 4D-STEM, Low-dose Imaging, Automated Analytical (S)TEM
Group Administrative Assistant

Functional Atomic Force Microscopy Group

Group Leader, Advanced AFM (CRF, C-AFM, PFM, nanoIR, SNOMs)
Advanced AFM (Time Resolved EFM & KPFM, PFM)
Advanced AFM (PFM, C-AFM, nanoIR)


Omicron AFM/Joule-Thomson STM
Advanced AFM (PFM, C-AFM, SMiMs)
Advanced AFM (Time Resolved EFM & KPFM, PFM)
Development of Novel Microscopy Methods, Nano and Atomic Scale Transformations, Material Behavior, AI/ML


Group Administrative Assistant

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Group

Group Leader, STM/STS, 4-Probe STM, On-surface Synthesis
STM/STS, Atomic Manipulation, XPS, UPS
STM/STS, MFM, On-surface Synthesis, LEED, MOKE
STM, Multi-probe STM


Milli-Kelvin STM
LT-STM/ncAFM, On-surface Synthesis
Scanning NV Microscope, Quantum State Transduction
Group Administrative Assistant

Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Group

Group Leader, PLD with in situ Diagnostics, Laser Processing, CVD
Lab-on-a-crystal, AI/ML, Raman, UV-Vis-NIR, Ellipsometry, Impedance Spectroscopy, Luminescence Spectroscopy, FTIR, Electrochemistry, QCM
2D Synthesis and Heterostructure Assembly/Testing in Controlled Atmosphere
X-ray Diffraction and Small-angle Scattering


Nanophotonics, Quantum Nanophotonics, Optical Spectroscopies (MSTD)
Optical Characterization and Laser Spectroscopy – Ultrafast Dynamics, Micro-Raman, PL Lifetimes, SHG, PLO with in situ Diagnostics, Laser Processing
Pulsed Laser Deposition, RHEED, PPMS, X-ray Diffraction, AFM


Catalytic Flow Reactor Systems, in situ FTIR, Raman Spectroscopy Systems (CSD)
CVD, 2D Materials Transfer Station, Thin Film Device Fabrication in Glovebox
Group Administrative Assistant

Macromolecular Nanomaterials Group

Group Leader
Small Molecule Synthesis and Characterization, Deuteration and Stable-Isotope Labeling, NMR
Soft Matter Microscopy, Soft Electronics and Ionics, Surface Plasmon Resonance, AI for Healthcare and Manufacturing
Polymer Synthesis and Characterization, Deuterated Polymers, Synthesis Under Continuous Flow


FTIR, FTIR-ATR, Ellipsometry, Contact Angle Goiniometry
Neutron Scattering, Electrochemistry
Rheology, DMA, DSC, TGA, Broad Band Dielectric Spectroscopy, Scattering
Biopolymer, Biodeuteration, Enzymatic Synthesis, Surface Functionalization, Nanofibers


Polymer Synthesis, Surface Coating, Characterization
Biodeuteration, Deuteration, Small Molecule Synthesis
Group Administrative Assistant

Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Group

Group Leader, Focused, Electron- and Ion-beam-induced Surface Chemistry
General Cleanroom, ALD, LPCVD, PECVD, ICP RIE, RTP
Crossbar Measurements, Goniometer, Droplet Interface Bilayer Characterization
Nanofabrication, Focus Ion Beam (FIB) Microscopy, Nanoscale Electronic and Opto-electronic Transport Phenomena


DC PECVD, E-Beam Evaporator, DC Sputtering, Zeiss Merlin SEM, Phenom SEM
Raith Velion FIB, Electron Beam Lithography, Atomic Force Microscopy
Nanoscribe 2 Photon Lithography, Heidelberg Laser Mask Writer, Electron Beam Lithography, Renishaw Raman Microscope, Wyko Optical Profilometer
Cleanroom Engineer Specializing in Equipment and Facility Installations, Repairs, Upgrades, 3D Modeling and Design


JEOL Ebeam Lithography, Suss Contact Aligner
Nanodiamond CVD
Materials and Fluidic Interfaces, Molecular Transport, Spatial Organization, Biological Processes
Group Administrative Assistant

Nanomaterials Theory Group

Group Leader, AI/ML, Atomistic Simulation Methods, High-performance Computing
Theory, Modeling, Simulation Method Development to Study Disordered/Correlated Materials
Classical MD Codes, LAMMPS, Coarse-grained and Atomistic Modeling of Soft Matter


Machine-learning Packages, DFT-codes, High-performance and Cloud Computing
Quantum Chemical and Many-body Perturbation Studies of Interface, Reaction, and Chirality
High-performance Computing, Nwchem, DFTB+, RMGDFT, Fortran, Python, C/C++ (CSED)
First Principles Electronic Structure Including DFT and Many-body Theory Quantum Monte Carlo and QMCPACK, High-performance Computing (CSED)


DFT-codes, Wannier90, GW, Raman
Quantum Chemistry Codes and RMG-DFT
Quantum Many-body Theory, (Cluster) Dynamical Mean-field Theory, Random Phase Approximation, High-performance Computing (CSED)


Classical MD Codes, Reactive FFs, Machine-learning FF
Multi-scale Modeling, First Principles Electronic Structure, AI/ML Methods
Group Administrative Assistant

Data NanoAnalytics Group

Group Leader, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Atomic Force Microscopy
Autonomous Synthesis, AI/ML, PLD with in situ Diagnostics
AI/ML, Automated and Autonomous AFM, Autonomous Experiments
AI/ML, Nion UltraSTEM, Nion MAC STEM, and STEM Connection to HPC


Group Administrative Assistant

Post Docs are listed on the CNMS Org Chart.