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Welcome to the CNMS User Group

The User Group is a body intended to provide a formal and direct channel for the exchange of information and advice between the management of the CNMS and the investigators who perform research at the CNMS.  All lead principal investigators on approved CNMS user projects and all badged CNMS users become User Group members for three years from the initiation of their CNMS project. 

The User Executive Committee (UEC), whose members are listed below, is an elected body that represents the User Group by making recommendations to CNMS management on matters affecting the user community.

CNMS 2020 User Executive Committee

The User Executive Committee is an elected body of members that conducts the regular business of the User Group. The UEC is expected to make recommendations to CNMS management on matters affecting the user community and to participate in planning the annual user meeting. Users are encouraged to contact any member of the UEC listed below to make suggestions for enhancing the benefits the research community receives from CNMS.

Members (term of service ends in December of the indicated year)

Chair, by succession from Vice Chair: Matthew McDowell (Georgia Tech) - 2020

Vice Chair: Joshua Agar (Lehigh U.) - 2020

Secretary: Zachary Hood (Argonne National Laboratory) - 2020

At-Large Members:

  Veronica Augustyn (North Carolina State U.) - 2021

  Kelsey B. Hatzell (Vanderbilt U.) - 2021

  Shengxi Huang (Penn State) - 2020

  Saban Hus (U. Texas, Austin) - 2020

  Josh Kacher (Georgia Tech) - 2020 

  Petro Maksymovych (CNMS, ORNL) - 2020

 Past Chair, ex officio member: Rafael Verduzco (Rice U.) - 2020 

Industrial Liaison: Christopher B. Jacobs (B/S/H Home Appliances) - 2021