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Research Highlight

Shape Memory of Polymer Microfibers Fabricated from Two Photon Polymerization

Scientific Achievement

The shape-memory effect of two photon polymerization (TPP)-fabricated microfibers in water was revealed and precisely quantified using a novel tensile testing method.  

Significance and Impact

Current methods for characterizing microfibers are confined to ambient environments due to the limitations of conventional micro-mechanical testing methods. This liquid-based method represents a significant advancement and may help release the full potential of TPP-fabricated 3D tissue scaffolds.

Research Details

  • New experimental method for mechanical testing microfibers in liquid was developed using a two-stage TPP fabrication process.
  • Mechanical properties of microfibers printed with TPP showed significant dependence on printing parameters in water.
  • Shape recovery was observed for microfibers under tensile strain in water and the recovery dynamics are size-dependent.

G. Minnick et al., "Two‐Photon Polymerized Shape Memory Microfibers: A New Mechanical Characterization Method in Liquid." Advanced Functional Materials 2206739 (2022).

DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202206739