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Research Highlight

Automated Experiments Quantify Metastable Ferroelectric Dynamics

Scientific Achievement

An automated scanning probe microscopy (SPM) experimental platform, FerroBot, has been utilized to gain fundamental insights into ferroelectric switching behavior.

Significance and Impact

This automated approach can be employed to access metastable phases with dynamic properties, enabling characterization of time dependent functionalities. 

Research Details

– The dynamics of domain walls between superdomain bundles in the polydomain ferroelectric Pb0.6Sr0.4TiO3 have been quantified.
– Domain wall bending is separated from irreversible domain reconfigurations using automated SPM.
– This technique can be broadly applied to other complex ferroelectric systems to quantify dynamic properties.

K. P. Kelley, Y. Ren, A. Dasgupta, P. Kavle, S. Jesse, R. K. Vasudevan, Y. Cao, L. W. Martin, and S. V. Kalinin, "Probing Metastable Domain Dynamics via Automated Experimentation in Piezoresponse Force Microscopy," ACS Nano, Accepted (2021).