portrait photo of Stephen Jesse

Stephen Jesse

Section Head of Nanomaterials Characterization at the CNMS

Research Interests Include:

- Developing and using novel microscopy methods to induce and study nano- and atomic scale transformations

- Building new understanding of material behavior at fundamental length scales

- Fabricate structures at nano and atomic scales for novel devices

- Developing large scale data analytics of high-dimensional, multi-spectral information for functional imaging

- Technique development using advanced data acquisition, feedback, and control for scanning probe and electron and ion microscopies.

2020 UT-Battelle Award: Outstanding Scholarly Output in Science and Technology
2018 R&D100 Award: The Atomic Forge
2016 R&D100 Award: G-mode Microscopy
2016 Microscopy Today Innovation Award: G-Mode
2016 ORNL Significant Event award for BEAM project
2015 ORNL Significant Event award for Electron Microscopy Control (SENS)
2014 UT-Battelle Technology Commercialization Award
2012 American Ceramic Society Ceramographic Competition Awards
2011 UT-Battelle Scientific Research Team Award: Electrochemical Strain Microscopy
2011 Microscopy Today Innovation Award: Electrochemical Strain Microscopy
2010 Roland B. Snow Award, American Ceramics Society: Electrochemical Strain Microscopy
2010 R&D 100 Award for “Z-therm Modulated Thermal Analysis”
2010 Microscopy Today Innovation Award: Band Excitation
2008 Southeast FLC Excellence in Technology Transfer
2008 Materials Research Society Best Poster Award
2008 R&D 100, “Band Excitation Method for Scanning Probe Microscopy”
2008 Cosslett Award, best invited paper, Microscopy & MicroAnalysis Conference
2006 ORNL Director’s Award, Outstanding Team Achievement in Science and Technology