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Research Highlight

Automated discovery of novel thin film functionalities

Scientific Achievement

Demonstrated an automated materials multifunctional characterization platform with computer-centered experiments using real-time data fitting and modeling response.

Significance and Impact

This advance provides a flexible multi-instrument hardware-software platform, for  efficient computer-controlled material characterization, data processing, and modeling. The system can be integrated with ML-controlled materials syntheses for autonomous materials discovery.

Research Details

  • Developed, built, and integrated a capability for simultaneous measurement of viscoelastic, electric (DC and AC), and optical responses of thin films (polymers, small molecules, and nanomaterials) in vacuum and ambient dynamic environments
  • Real time computer-controlled optimization of experiment based on an active feedback loop
  • Cloud-based data analytics including advanced data fitting and modeling using machine learning (ML) algorithms


E.S. Muckley, et al., ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 15, 2329-2340 (2023). DOI: 10/1021/acsami2c16088