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Microstructure and properties of a high temperature Al–Ce–Mn alloy produced by additive manufacturing...

Publication Type
Journal Name
Acta Materialia
Publication Date
Page Numbers
595 to 608

An Al–10Ce-8Mn (wt%) alloy was designed and fabricated by laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing (AM). The rapid cooling rates of the AM process produced a refined microstructure with a large fraction of reinforcing intermetallic phases. The tensile properties of the alloy were characterized in the as-fabricated state and following thermal exposure. The properties of the as-fabricated microstructure showed exceptional high-temperature performance and strength retention at elevated temperatures up to 400 °C relative to benchmark wrought Al and AM Al alloy properties. Characterization of the microstructure and thermodynamic modeling of the ternary Al–Ce–Mn system rationalized the solidification and solid-state phase transformations. Analysis of the relevant strengthening mechanisms for both the as-fabricated and thermally exposed conditions was performed.