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Materials in Extremes

The Materials in Extremes Section works to understand and characterize the effect of extreme environments on materials structure and properties to provide insights into mitigating these effects.

This section encompasses the following research groups:

Advanced Nuclear Materials Group — Understands the role of damage modes on the properties, structure and failure of structural materials and components for light water reactors, advanced fusion reactors, and DoD systems.

Corrosion Science and Technology Group — Develops solutions to environmental degradation through application of fundamental mechanistic understanding, advanced characterization techniques, and laboratory simulation of extreme environments.

Mechanical Properties and Mechanics Group — Understands the relations between processing, microstructure and mechanical properties of materials and how these change as a function of time, stress, temperature and environment through mechanical evaluation.

Radiation Effects and Microstructural Analysis Group — Develops the fundamental knowledge to characterize the effects of radiation on material properties, to assist in determining the lifetime of irradiated components in reactors and develop strategies to mitigate the effects of high dose environments.

Nuclear Energy Materials Microanalysis GroupPerforms fundamental and applied research across irradiated materials science and engineering through high-resolution materials characterization across a broad range of length scales, from atomic- to macro-scale.


Interim Section Head, Materials in Extremes
Bruce A Pint