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Radiation Effects and Microstructural Analysis


Advance the understanding of radiation effects in materials science and provide scientific breakthroughs in materials technology for future nuclear devices.


Explore the intricate interplay between radiation and materials, aiming to unravel fundamental damage and recovery mechanisms in metals and ceramics under irradiation. Advance scientific knowledge to enable the design of radiation-resistant materials for future fission and fusion energy systems. 

R&D Scope

The Radiation Effects and Microstructural Analysis Group primarily focuses on understanding radiation effects in nuclear materials. Its research activities encompass the development of radiation-resistant materials, comprehensive characterization before and after irradiation, and the establishment of advanced irradiation and post-irradiation experiment technologies. The group's research process involves experimental and theoretical analyses of radiation-induced nano to macroscale processes in irradiated materials, providing scientific feedback for the designs of radiation-resistant materials and advanced nuclear components. The group conducts numerous national and international programs focused on studying radiation effects in materials, facilitated by strong collaborations with other research groups and nuclear facilities at ORNL.

Core Competencies

  • Long history and experience in fundamental radiation effect studies and the development of irradiation and post-irradiation examination technologies
  • Ownership and management of the Low-Activation Materials Design and Analysis (LAMDA) laboratory, an essential facility for radiation effect research
  • Advanced post-irradiation characterization of microstructural, mechanical, and thermophysical properties to establish a foundational understanding of irradiation-induced changes in material behaviors
  • Design and development of advanced nanostructured materials for enhanced radiation resistance


Distinguished R&D Staff and Group Leader, Radiation Effects and Microstructural Analysis
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