Ying Yang

Research Staff

Ying Yang received her BS (1996) and MS (1999) from the Central South University (China) and Ph.D. (2004) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, major in Materials Science and Engineering. She then worked as a Material Scientist at CompuTherm LLC from 2005 to 2010. She joined the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2012 as a research staff member in the Alloying Behavior and Design Group.


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison (2004): Thermodynamic Modeling and Experimental Study of Mo-Si-B Based Alloys.

Research areas:

  • Thermodynamics, kinetics, phase stability and phase transformation on microstructure and mechanical behavior of metals and alloys.

Professional Activities:

  • Member of Alloy Phase Diagram (APD) Committee, ASM
  • Member of Alloy Phase Committee, TMS
  • Member of Young Leader Committee, TMS
  • Membership of TMS, ASM, and MRS


2022 R&D100 award winner, Aug. 2022
UT-Battelle Outstanding Scholarly Output award, Dec. 2021
Young Leader Professional Development Award, TMS 2009
Best Student Poster at the TMS 2003 Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA