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Experts List

The following ORNL scientists and engineers are available as information resources for media. For assistance in scheduling interviews, please contact the Communications team at 865.576.1946.   


Discipline Contact
Artificial intelligence Tom Potok
Astrophysics Michael Smith
  W. Raphael Hix
Batteries Ilias Belharouak
  Gabriel Veith
Bioenergy/biofuels Jerry Tuskan
  Tim Theiss
Buildings technology Melissa Lapsa
Ceramics Allen Haynes
Climate science Peter Thornton
  Stan Wullschleger
Energy efficiency Tom King
  Xin Sun
Environmental sciences Eric Pierce
  Stan Wullschleger
Exascale computing Doug Kothe
Fusion Phillip Ferguson
  Kathy McCarthy
  Mickey Wade
Geospatial science Budhu Bhaduri
  Carter Christopher
  David Page
HFIR research reactor Brian Weston
High-performance computing Doug Kothe
  Gina Tourassi
  Justin Whitt
  Al Geist
Isotopes Balendra Sutharshan 
  Ben Lewis
Manufacturing Bill Peter
Materials (composites and lightweight) Amit Naskar
  Allen Haynes
Mercury Eric Pierce
Metals Ryan DeHoff
Microscopy Karren More
Nanoscience Karren More
Neutron science Ken Andersen
Nuclear energy Jeremy Busby
  Kathy McCarthy
Power grid Tom King
Quantum computing Travis Humble
Quantum information science Nick Peters
Quantum materials Matthew Stone
  Clarina Dela Cruz
Remote sensing David Page
  Assaf Anyamba
Spallation Neutron Source Ken Andersen
US ITER Project Kathy McCarthy
Vehicle technology Robert Wagner