Travis S Humble

Deputy Director, Quantum Science Center

Travis Humble is Deputy Director at the Department of Energy’s Quantum Science Center, a Distinguished Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and director of the lab’s Quantum Computing Institute. Travis is leading the development of new quantum technologies and infrastructure to impact the DOE mission of scientific discovery through quantum computing. As deputy director of the QSC, Travis leads the co-design processes that develop scalable, resilient quantum information technologies through new materials, devices, and algorithms and facilitated the transfer of quantum technologies to the broadest audience.

In addition, Travis serves as director of the OLCF Quantum Computing User Program, where he oversees management and operation of quantum computing technologies for a broad base of users. These revolutionary new approaches to familiar computational problems help reduce algorithmic complexity, reduce computational resource requirements like power and communication, and increase the scale at which state-of-the-art scientific applications perform. At the intersection of computing, physics, and information, his research focuses on the design, development, and benchmarking of quantum computing platforms.

Travis is editor-in-chief for ACM Transactions on Quantum Computing, Associate Editor for Quantum Information Processing, and co-chair of the IEEE Quantum Initiative. Travis also holds a joint faculty appointment with the University of Tennessee Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education, where he works with students in developing energy-efficient computing solutions. He received his doctorate in theoretical chemistry from the University of Oregon before joining ORNL in 2005.


2016 Department of Energy Office of Science Early Career Research Program
2017 ORNL Significant Event Award, World Record in Quantum Communication
2018 Department of Energy Office of Science Basic Energy Sciences Program Office Materials and Chemical Sciences Research for Quantum Information Science
2018 Department of Energy Office of Science High-energy Physics Program Office QuantISED
2019 Federal Laboratory Consortium Excellence in Technology Transfer Award
2019 Department of Energy Office of Science Advanced Computing Research Program Office Accelerated Research in Quantum Computing


2015 US Patent Award #9,172,698 System and Method for Key Generation in Security Tokens
2009 US Patent Award #12/424,957: Tampering detection system using quantum-mechanical systems