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ESTD Careers

Over the next decade, we will lead transformational science and technology to enable the flexible, secure, and autonomous energy systems of the future. We will provide power and fuel originating from a variety of sources in a clean and seamless manner.


Working in Clean Energy

From undergraduate interns to postdoc researchers to our most experienced scientists and engineers, ORNL’s Energy Science and Technology Directorate (ESTD) has created a vibrant, diverse, and collaborative community of people with the same core vision: to translate scientific knowledge into clean energy technologies that will improve lives.

As a member of the ESTD community, your ideas and knowledge will contribute directly to our mission of developing and deploying science and technology that creates a clean and carbon-free energy future. We encourage collaboration across disciplines to spark new ways to approach the difficult challenges we are tackling. You’ll have access to ORNL’s world-class scientific facilities that make our transformative technology breakthroughs possible.  

Whether it is advances in fast wireless charging for vehicles, novel catalysts that convert carbon dioxide into ethanol, transactive controls for smart neighborhoods, or additive manufacturing of components for nuclear reactors, you can be a part of delivering these breakthroughs across the energy spectrum.


Working at ORNL

ORNL is a great place to chart your own research course, work with like-minded colleagues, and build an extraordinary career. With more than 5,700+ employees representing more than 60 countries, we assemble teams of experts from diverse backgrounds, equip them with powerful instruments and research facilities, and address compelling national challenges.

ORNL offers professional development training at no cost to employees, provides professional networking opportunities, and sponsors employee resource groups that support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts across the lab.

The work of the laboratory is performed safely and efficiently in a modern campus setting. Throughout the region, ORNL is regarded as a high-value asset for innovation, education, and economic development.

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