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Research Highlight

Multifunctional Metaoptics based on Bilayer Metasurfaces

Scientific Achievement

Multiwavelength holograms, multiwavelength waveplates, and polarization-insensitive 3D holograms based on phase and amplitude masks are demonstrated.

Significance and Impact

The proposed architecture - bilayer dielectric metasurfaces - opens a new avenue for designing complex flat optics with a wide variety of functionalities.

Research Details

– Independent control of the phase, amplitude, and polarization of light due to a bilayer design
– Two or more optical properties are independently manipulated
– Multiwavelength performance
Y. Zhou, I. I. Kravchenko, H. Wang, H. Zheng, G. Gu, and J. Valentine, "Multifunctonal metaoptics based on bilayer metasurfaces," Light: Science & Applications (2019).   DOI:10.1038/s41377-019-0193-3