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Research Highlight

Missing y-Band in Sr2RuO4 Superconductor Unveiled

Missing y-Band in Sr2RuO4 Superconductor Unveiled
Quasiparticle interference map of Sr2RuO4 at 600 mK shows excellent agreement between experiment (left) and theory (right).

Scientific Achievement

The mystery of the seemingly absent g-band from scanning tunneling spectroscopy is resolved in superconducting Sr2RuO4.

Significance and Impact

Recent experiments called into question the triplet pairing scenario in Sr2RuO4, leading to a renaissance in the quest to identify its superconducting pairing state. Our research paves the way to understand the absence of  superconductivity at the surfaces of Sr2RuO4.

Research Details

  • Signatures of the missing y-band of Sr2RuO4 were revealed through ultra-low temperature quasiparticle interference measurements.
  • The origin of observations was traced to octahedral rotations in the surface layer using a unique theoretical approach based on Wannier functions.    


    Kreisel, A., Marques, C.A., Rhodes, L.C. et al. Quasi-particle interference of the van Hove singularity in Sr2RuO4. npj Quantum Mater. 6, 100 (2021).