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Research Highlight

Missing y-Band in Sr2RuO4 Superconductor Unveiled

Scientific Achievement

The mystery of the seemingly absent g-band from scanning tunneling spectroscopy is resolved in superconducting Sr2RuO4.

Significance and Impact

Recent experiments called into question the triplet pairing scenario in Sr2RuO4, leading to a renaissance in the quest to identify its superconducting pairing state. Our research paves the way to understand the absence of  superconductivity at the surfaces of Sr2RuO4.

Research Details

– Signatures of the missing y-band of Sr2RuO4 were revealed through ultra-low temperature quasiparticle interference measurements.
– The origin of observations was traced to octahedral rotations in the surface layer using a unique theoretical approach based on Wannier functions.    
A. Kreisel, C. A. Marques, L. C. Rhodes, X. Kong, T. Berlijn, R. Fittipaldi, V. Granata, A. Vecchione, P. Wahl, and P. J. Hirschfeld, "Unveiling the Missing Band:  Quasiparticle Interference of the y-Band in Sr2RuO4," NPJ Quantum Materials (2021). arXiv: 2103.06188