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Thermal and radiation response of 4H–SiC Schottky diodes with direct-write electrical contacts...

Publication Type
Journal Name
Applied Physics Letters
Publication Date
Page Numbers
252108 to 252108

A high-sensitivity 4H–SiC temperature sensor and an alpha detector have been fabricated using additively printed metal contacts. The surface morphology and electrical conductivity of the printed electrodes were established prior to Schottky diode development. 4H–SiC Schottky diodes with direct-write printed silver contacts on the 5 μm-thick epilayer on 4H–SiC were characterized electrically in terms of the forward and reverse current–voltage and high-frequency capacitance–voltage characteristics. The turn-on voltage of the Schottky diodes, as established from the forward current–voltage characteristics measured up to a temperature of 400 °C, showed a linear temperature dependence. Schottky diodes with direct-write printed Ag electrodes were able to measure alpha particles emitted from Americium-241. The high temperature and radiation response of the Schottky diodes show their suitability for multi-modal sensor fusion on the 4H–SiC platform for harsh environment applications.