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Fusion Energy

Enabling a future for fusion energy through research innovation

The Fusion Energy Division combines a diverse staff of nuclear scientists and engineers with the world-leading facilities of ORNL. FED experts are developing the understanding required for an attractive fusion energy source through domestic and international research efforts, pursuing near-term applications of plasma science and technology in support of national goals, and pursing advanced remote handling capabilities for hazardous environments.

The division consists of six research groups and oversight of the Material-Plasma Exposure Experiment. The collection of expertise and capabilities within FED allow for meeting vital research and development goals for various national fusion programs.

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core research groups focused on fusion
Magnifying Glass
million degrees centigrade is the expected temperature of the ITER fusion reactor’s plasma. FED scientists are working on ways to control it
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milligrams of ruthenium-96. FED scientists helped produce the rare stable isotope, the first sustained production since 1983.