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Burning Plasma Foundations

The Burning Plasma Foundations section provides the technical basis and resolves key challenges in achieving and sustaining high performance burning plasmas in fusion devices. Professional opportunities exist in the following groups:

Plasma Theory and Modeling — Delivers the theoretical foundation and state-of-the-art simulation and modeling capabilities to resolve critical issues and to inform design and operation of ITER and future fusion devices.

Diagnostics and Control — Develops and validates innovative measurement and control capabilities needed to understand and control important physics phenomena in present devices and to maintain robust control in the fusion nuclear environment of future fusion devices.

Advanced Tokamak Physics — Establishes high confidence, embodied in a validated modeling suite, in achieving high performance, steady-state tokamak regimes in ITER, and future fusion devices.

Power Exhaust and Particle Control — Delivers power exhaust and particle control solutions and the accompanying physics basis required for compact fusion devices.


Interim Section Head, Burning Plasma Foundations
Cami Collins