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Advancing nuclear today, tomorrow, and always. 

Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division

Nuclear energy found a home at ORNL 80 years ago and never left.

For decades, we’ve spearheaded nuclear innovation, from basic science to regulatory licensing to industry adoption. Today, we represent nearly 250 researchers and scientists from across the globe, focused on delivering nuclear science and technology breakthroughs. The Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division is the heart of ORNL’s nuclear energy research capacity—and a haven for big thinkers, international expertise, and technical prowess. 

We recognize our role in bridging today’s insights with tomorrow’s nuclear future. As we refine concepts and components to extend the life of current nuclear plants, we're pioneering advanced reactor concepts and exploring novel energy conversion methods. Our approach incorporates all aspects of the fuel cycle, from fuel development and transportation to reprocessing, waste reduction, and secure fuel storage. 

ORNL’s leadership shaped the nuclear sector as we know it. Now, we’re paving the way for cleaner, more efficient nuclear systems to power today, tomorrow, and another 80 years into the future.


Interim Division Director, Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division
Dave Pointer, Head Shot