N Dianne B Ezell

Group Leader

N. Dianne Bull Ezell joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory as an R&D Staff member in July 2010. She is the group leader for the Nuclear and Extreme Environment Measurement Group. She completed a Ph.D. in 2016 focusing on signal processing of EMI rejection for Johnson Noise Thermometry, funded by the Small Modular Reactor Program. Her research interests are harsh environment experiments, system architecture and integration, advanced instrumentation development for nuclear systems, and low-noise front-end readout electronic designs/radiation hardened electronics. A few of her on-going projects at ORNL are development of nuclear instrumentation and control for advanced reactors such as Microreactors and NASA’s Nuclear Thermal Propulsion, non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of Light Water Reactor infrastructure, and development of high-temperature thermophysical characterization of molten salts experiments. Dianne has developed irradiation experiments in support of the National Molten Salt Campaign, high-temperature neutron detector, and NSUF programs at HFIR. She received a BS in Electrical Engineering (2007) and an MS in Electrical Engineering (2009) from the University of Tennessee with research focused on integrated circuit design. 

Dianne has been an active member of IEEE since 2005 and has served on the local East Tennessee Executive Committee for over 5 years. Dianne was nominated for senior membership in 2017.


2016 Honorable Mention for IEEE WIE Inspiring Member Award