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User Policies

User Policies

Notice Regarding Public Dissemination of User Project Information
Since 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science (SC) has required that its user facilities provide a limited set of information related to each user project to build a User Project Database. A subset of this information, including your name, institutional affiliation(s), and project title(s), will be publicly disseminated on SC's User Statistics web page after the conclusion of each fiscal year. For proprietary projects, SC requests that the user provide a project title that is suitable for public dissemination. Refer to SC's User Statistics Collection Practices for additional information on data collection and usage.

CNMS Data Management Policy can be found here.

General Policies and Procedures for User Access to the DOE Nanoscale Science Research Centers

Advisory Committee (AC)
Each Center will have an AC or equivalent body that advises senior management on policies related to the optimization of the quality and quantity of the scientific productivity of the facility. The AC will be composed of distinguished scientists from both inside and outside the nanoscale science community. Appointments to the AC will be made by senior management based on nominations from the user community, the Center management, and its advisory bodies. The AC will report to the Laboratory Director or Associate Laboratory Director with senior management oversight responsibility for the Center.

Users’ Executive Committee (UEC)
Each Center will have a UEC or equivalent body that is elected by the user community at large. The UEC will serve as the official voice of the user community in its interactions with Center management. The UEC will elect its Chair and Vice-chair from among its own members, and the UEC Chair will automatically have an ex officio seat on the SAC.