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Travel and Local Information

Travel and Local Information

Obtaining Entry to CNMS Facilities

Photo Identification - ORNL has become compliant with the REAL ID Act. REAL ID is an Act approved by Congress in relation to the 9/11 Commission that requires all visitors to Federal Facilities to have compliant identification. If you have a driver’s license that states "NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION", you will need to have another form of acceptable identification. Here is a list of acceptable identification. You will not be allowed unescorted entry to the ORNL facility unless you have a form of compliant identification.

In order to enter the CNMS and/or use computer resources, users must have an approved Personnel Access Systems request issued by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). To apply for on-site and/or computer resources, please send an e-mail to requesting an invitation to ORNL. You will receive by return e-mail a link to our Personnel Access System to initiate the registration process. Please include in the subject line of the e-mail 'ORNL Invitation for (your last name).' In the text of your e-mail, include the following:

  1. Project Number
  2. Title of the CNMS Proposal
  3. Name of the Principal Investigator
  4. Indicate Cyber Only (if applicable) - when only computer resources are needed

Note that only individuals who are named as Principal Investigator or Collaborator on an approved CNMS Research Proposal are eligible to apply as a CNMS User. (See instructions below if you need to add a collaborator to a project.)

Non-US Citizens: Please note that access to ORNL facilities for all non-U.S. citizens requires additional processing time for approvals.

Effective April 1, 2023: A policy change made by the Department of Energy may affect your method of arrival, departure, and food deliveries. The change to DOE Order 142.3B (Unclassified Foreign National Access Program) means that delivery drivers (of taxis, Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and the like) must be US citizens or non-US citizens with a valid ORNL badge to enter the campus. Those not meeting this criterion will not be allowed through the security checkpoint.

When calling for a taxi/other driver delivery service or ordering a food delivery, we kindly ask you to verify that the driver will be a U.S. citizen or has a valid ORNL badge to prevent delays or entry failures. We have notified area taxi services of this policy change, but have no way to communicate with services like Uber, Lyft, etc.

Important Information for Users Arriving from Outside the U.S..
In order to participate in research at the CNMS, users traveling from outside the U.S. must enter the U.S. in either Visa Waiver – Business (VWB) or B-1 status. This status must be annotated on the Form I-94 that you will receive from the immigration officer at the port of entry, usually the airport. Before leaving the immigration station, it is important that you carefully inspect the I-94 and ensure that it says VWB or B-1. If it says anything else, you must explain to the immigration officer that you are entering the U.S. for business and require an I-94 that reflects a business visit.

TRAINING: Prior to arriving at CNMS, be sure to register or login to your Guest Portal account to complete required web-based training before arriving onsite. 

Adding a Collaborator to a CNMS User Project
The Principal Investigator may request an additional collaborator be added to a user project by sending an e-mail to Include the name and e-mail address of the new collaborator as well as the CNMS project number in text.



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