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Carbon PE-CVD


HIPPA is a unique CNMS-constructed tool for the plasma-enhance chemical vapor growth of carbon nanostructures over large areas.  This technique finds applications in a number of projects for creating biological interfaces, detectors, and electrochemically active nanostructures.

Carbon nanospikes are a unique material available only at CNMS. These heavily textured graphene spikes can be conformally coated over most conducting surfaces and exhibit extraordinary local electric fields under electrochemical conditions.
carbon fibers
Vertically aligned carbon fibers provide an electrically conductive interface for nano-biological applications.


  • Accommodates 4-inch wafer or substrate
  • Heated Platen up to 700 °C,
  • Gases are C2H2 and NH3,
  • Vacuum range 4 torr to 50 torr,
  • Plasma .25A to 4A. 

Recent Publications

CO2 Electroreduction using carbon nanospike/copper electrode

Electrochemical reduction of N2 to NH3