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Correlated oxide Dirac semimetal in the extreme quantum limit...

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Science Advances
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Quantum materials (QMs) with strong correlation and nontrivial topology are indispensable to next-generation information and computing technologies. Exploitation of topological band structure is an ideal starting point to realize correlated topological QMs. Here, we report that strain-induced symmetry modification in correlated oxide SrNbO3 thin films creates an emerging topological band structure. Dirac electrons in strained SrNbO3 films reveal ultrahigh mobility (μmax ≈ 100,000 cm2/Vs), exceptionally small effective mass (m* ~ 0.04me), and nonzero Berry phase. Strained SrNbO3 films reach the extreme quantum limit, exhibiting a sign of fractional occupation of Landau levels and giant mass enhancement. Our results suggest that symmetry-modified SrNbO3 is a rare example of correlated oxide Dirac semimetals, in which strong correlation of Dirac electrons leads to the realization of a novel correlated topological QM.