Satoshi Okamoto

Satoshi Okamoto

Research Staff

2006/12 — present: Research Staff, Materials Science & Technology Division, ORNL

2013/09: Visiting Scientist, Strong Correlation Physics Division, Center for Emergent Matter Science, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)

2010/09: Visiting Scientist, Advanced Science Institute, RIKEN

2003/04 — 2006/11: Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Department of Physics, Columbia University

2001/04 — 2003/03: Special Postdoctoral Researcher, RIKEN

1998/04 — 2001/03: Research Fellow, Tohoku University 

2006: IUPAP Young Scientist Medal in the field of magnetism, for theoretical/computational work

2016: APS Fellow (Division of Condensed Matter Physics)

2001: Ph. D. in Physics, Tohoku University

1998: M. Eng. in Applied Physics, Nagoya University

1996: B. Eng. in Applied Physics, Nagoya University

2016/11/27 — 12/02: Co-organizer of Symposium EM5—Materials and Mechanisms of Correlated Electronic Phenomena in Oxide Heterostructures, 2016 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, Boston, Massachusetts

2017/04/18 — 21: Co-organizer of Symposium ES10—Frontiers in Oxide Interface Spintronics—Magnetoelectrics, Multiferroics and Spin-Orbit Effects, 2017 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, Phoenix, Arizona

2018/03/05 — 09: Co-organizer of Focus Session—10.1.3 Magnetic Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures, 2018 APS March Meeting, Los Angeles, California


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Physical Society of Japan